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Sea change: a profound change.
Seachanger: a person who transforms their life.

A seachange may involve a move to the seaside or country. At its essence, it isn't about relocating to an Arcadia: it's about finding own personal contentment. And the answer to that is different for everyone.

It can include reassessing your finances, seeking more soul-enriching work, and also asking yourself what you really want out of life. The resulting change can sometimes be transformational.

A global trend

Western countries are witnessing significant population movement from cities to areas that offer a more idyllic lifestyle, where the pace is slower and the environment cleaner.

The media has dubbed these individuals 'seachangers' and the moniker has stuck. Although there other derivations, such as treechanger and hillchanger, seachanger has become an umbrella term to refer to anyone making radical lifestyle change. It can refer to moving to any location, be it coastal or inland, or even simply staying put and downshifting (i.e. living a simpler, cheaper lifestyle).

The word 'seachanger' originates from a popular Australian television series called SeaChange, which ran from 1998 to 2000. It featured a female lawyer who, fed up with the pressures of city life, began a new one in a sleepy seaside town.